Wetherspoon Real Ale

Wetherspoon Real Ale Intro
Wetherspoon Real Ale Festival
Launched in 2010, the site promotes the Wetherspoon Real Ale festival
Wetherspoon Ale Pumps
Visitor interaction elements include navigable ale pumps written in jQuery
Wetherspoon Facebook & Twitter
FaceBook and Twitter content is imported into the site automatically
Real Ale Blogs
Brewers can interact directly with customers via their own blogs
Wetherspoon Facebook Like
Visitors can post on their Facebook wall that they Like individual ales
Wetherspoon Ratings & Reviews
Reviews can be submitted and ales can be rated with a simple 1-5 stars feature
Wetherspoon Site-Wide Search
The entire site is searchable with intelligent, categorised results
Manage your web site's content yourself with a CMS
Ales, blogs, guides and much more are editable by the client via an admin system
Wetherspoon Real Ale Web Developer